A New Coders Guide To Cooperation

Have you ever struggled with or even wondered the proper way to go about working on a team project with fellow developers? In the world of software engineering, somethings that are faced very often are team projects and cooperation. With that being said, it is very important that you as a developer understand how important it is to be able to cooperate successfully with whomever your partners may be.

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Make sure you’re on the same page

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As members of a team, it is extremely important that you aren’t jumping ahead of your fellow members so that the project can progress at a smooth, steady pace. Not only will you feel as if your team is slowing you down, but your team will also feel as if you are leaving them in the dark about your thoughts and ideas. As the old saying goes “There is no I in team”. If you notice that one of your fellow members is falling behind, try to reach out and assure yourself that everyone is on the same page.

It’s okay to be wrong

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When working on very big or demanding projects, there will come a time where you are unsure of something. It’s okay to be wrong. If you are unsure of something, try to communicate with your fellow members and gain a better understanding of the specific aspect of the project you are working on. As developers, we a prone to trying to fix everything ourselves. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, this behavior may be beneficial due to the fact that you are able to learn and understand something without help, but in the end, it can cause more problems than not and waste huge amounts of time.

Don’t ask to ask just ask

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If you ever feel that you are the one who is behind or being left in the dust, don’t be afraid to ask! A lot of developers, including me personally, don’t like to be asked, if we can be asked something. You shouldn’t have to feel like you need to make sure you are able to communicate with your group-mates before asking your main question. The point of being apart of a team is to be able to work together and communicate. This topic is so widely agreed upon by developers, that there is even a site dedicated to the idea of not asking to ask called https://dontasktoask.com/

Try everyone’s ideas

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In a Jack Harlow interview with “The FADER”, Jack mentions telling someone at a party that he would play her song, just to get her to stop asking him, after a while, the girl realized that he didn’t plan on playing the song at all, and she got upset enough to punch him. While the consequences may not be as severe as a few punches to the face, brushing off your teammate's thoughts can cause multiple arguments, issues, and roadblocks for the team’s progress. Reflecting on “make sure you’re on the same page”, it is important to take in everyone’s idea to determine which approach is best. Don’t think to yourself “This person has no clue what they are talking about” and just brushing off their thoughts, because it may surprise you how helpful those thoughts can be.

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